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Has Self-Publishing Really Changed The Book World Forever?

This will be the 80th post I’ve written on self-publishing for this blog.

While most of them are rather reportorial—sharing others’ ideas—many are about my own experience with self-publishing.

One of the most important of those posts, to me, was Publishing Day Thoughts, written the day I self-published my latest book, Notes from An Alien ( which is for sale and also free :-)

That post also has links to five others that sketch the trail of my early promotion efforts

So, today’s post is of the reportorial variety.

Alison Baverstock has written an article for The Guardian called, Ten ways self-publishing has changed the books world.

Alison says, in regard to all the glitzy press about self-publishing, “there’s a risk we overlook the wider cultural significance of what is going on.”

She then goes on to list her ten significances.

As I usually do, I’ll only give a bit of them here and encourage you to take the link and read her full article:

1. There is now a wider understanding of what publishing is – and that it is more difficult than it looks.

2. Gone is our confidence that publishers and agents know exactly what everyone wants to (or should) read…

3. The copy editor, a traditionally marginalised figure, is now in strong demand.

4. The re-emergence of the book as precious object.

5. The role of the author is changing.

6. The role of the agent is also changing.

7. New business models and opportunities are springing up…

8. It’s not all about making money.

9. An end to the ‘vanity publishing’ put-down.

10. Self-publishing brings happiness.

I do hope those bits intrigue you enough to make you want to read the whole article.

I also hope you’ll come back here and share your thoughts and feelings about the significance of self-publishing.

I further hope, if you have self-publishing experience, you’ll share a bit about that, too. :-)

Bonus Info:
Alison was interviewed on Smashwords about her book, The Naked Author: A Guide to Self-Publishing, in the article, Alison Baverstock on Best Practices for Self-Publishing.
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