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#SocialEra ~ The New Model for Book Promotion

This post is about learning to innovate in the arena of book promotion.

In fact, I urge you to compare it with my other posts about book promotion.

If you’re a writer who is content to stay with the traditional model of getting your book into the hands and minds of readers, this post and its video are not for you


You may want to consider a new model of interacting with readers.

The video is of Nilofer Merchant giving a talk on the Google Campus.

Her latest book is called 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era.

Here’s a teaser:

“The era of social technologies provides seemingly endless opportunity, both for individuals and organizations. But it’s also the subject of seemingly endless hype. Yes, social tools allow us to do things entirely differently—but how do you really capitalize on that?”

“The Industrial Era and the Information Age are over and their governing rule are passé. Leading in the Social Era requires a rethink and re-imagination of what can be. Read 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era to be ready to meet the challenges of this new age and thrive.”

So, first thought for writers:

Being on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ isn’t enough

Figuring out your PURPOSE for being involved in those social networks is what this woman can help you consider.

The video is definitely not a simple “follow these steps to success” rip-off.

This woman will let you think and think again and, perhaps, come up with your own unique way to do the “Business” of being a writer.

If a writer can walk through an art gallery and absorb concepts they later apply in their writing process, then a writer can watch this video and absorb concepts they can translate into guidelines for book promotion.

Here are just a few notes I made as I watched the video—relating Ms. Merchant’s ideas to the business of writing:

What Nilofer calls the “Gorilla”, I would call the Traditional Publishing Industry.

The “Industrial Model” amasses property and employees and corners some market, then sells authors to readers.

The “Social Era Model” involves readers in the book’s Purpose—either before it’s written or after, then lets the community of readers sell the book for the author.

Traditional publishing is all about taking risks and making money (the author and reader are often the last people considered).

Innovating your own promotion processes with the SocialEra mind-set is all about connecting readers with authors—having less risk and more solutions—making money by thinking beyond money

It’s a writer’s business process conceived of as Story…

Every time the video talks about Organizations, think of Readers.

When Products are referred to, think Books.

So, essentially, what I got out of the video (at least from my first watching of it) is all about the writer’s Purpose in writing the book and giving readers a chance to “invest” in the Purpose

And, one of the most powerful memes from the video is that the Social Era’s “Currency” is Attention.

So, clear some time; have your snack and beverage of choice handy; and, Profit from Nilofer Merchant on #SocialEra.

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