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Breaking The “Rules” of Book Promotion ~ 6 Different Views

I read an email this morning from an Author Hustler—made that term up—someone who sells advice about book promotion to authors

First, why buy advice if you can find it for free?

Second, why take advice if most of the advice givers are borrowing from other advice givers and trying to dress the “advice” in different clothes so it looks “original”?

Over the last three years, I’ve checked out, subscribed to, and read tons of “expert” advice; and, gotten quite sick of most of it.

I’m no expert but I have 20 posts labeled “promotion” in the Subject Index Links in the left side-bar and 31 posts with the label “book promotion”. <<< those last two links are for folks who can’t find the Subject Index Links :-)

What I’ve shared in those posts is my experience in promotion as well as my perspective on some folks that seemed to have a bit more to offer than just somebody else’s dressed-up opinion.

Today, I’ll pull out links to a few of those past posts, with a bit of intro for each.

Would love your comments on what I think and what the folks I talk about think—after this post or after any of the following six posts:

Need Some ENERGY To Get Busy On Book Promotion? ~ Meet Jonah Berger :-)

“Watch the video, not to learn the techniques but to have some of Jonah’s ENERGY galvanize you to, at least, begin to think differently about how to promote your writing, and, hopefully, get the book and the free application-guide and  learn the techniques :-)”

#SocialEra ~ The New Model for Book Promotion

“The video is definitely not a simple ‘follow these steps to success’ rip-off.

“This woman will let you think and think again and, perhaps, come up with your own unique way to do the ‘Business’ of being a writer.

“If a writer can walk through an art gallery and absorb concepts they later apply in their writing process, then a writer can watch this video and absorb concepts they can translate into guidelines for book promotion.”

Are All Writers Introverts? ~ and ~ Can An Introvert Do Book Promotion?

“First, let’s clear up a misconception—introverts are shy.

“Not true—introverts gain energy from the “Inside” and many an introvert can function out-front, as long as the environment doesn’t hamper their ability to access their inner self.”

Writers Want To Be Reviewed & Read ~ More on Book Promotion

“I’ve said it often here—I’m a maverick.

“I will  take advice but only if it sticks on My Walls :-)

“A friend once defined Book Promotion as everything that helps a writer get comfortable with their Own Way of Living Their Writing Life.

“This fits well with my oft stated ‘maxim’ that Book Promotion is Relationship Building…”

Traditional vs Self-Publishing ~ Is The Promotion/Marketing Different?

“There’s much to read about the ‘war’ between traditional and self-publishing–most of it quite hyped.

“I’m always happy when I find an article about the traditional publishing world that’s rational and fair.

How “Should” Writers Find Readers

“One thing is for sure. There are more ways to attract readers then ever before and there could well be yet many more to come…

“So, rather then trying to read all the articles being churned out and then (horrid thought) attempting to do everything all the ‘experts’ say, let me offer a video by Jane Friedman.”

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6 responses to “Breaking The “Rules” of Book Promotion ~ 6 Different Views

  1. Area 51 Alien Interview September 27, 2013 at 4:40 am

    Thanks for all the great information I needed that today. I totally agree with what doesn’t kill you make’s you stronger. It just doesn’t kill you. Priceless!


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