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A Bouquet of Articles for Writers & Publishers

I use Google Alerts to help me find interesting articles I can cover on this blog—for Readers, Writers, and Publishers.

After a few months of collecting possible articles, I usually end up with some that I just can’t wrangle into a full post’s coverage—still interesting but I fail at finding enough to say

Then, like today, I group them up and let you explore :-)

And, even though the title says for Writers & Publishers, I suspect there will be a few non-writing/non-publishing Readers who will find the following four articles interesting.

First is a piece from a reporter who covers the communities of Nixa and Ozark in Missouri, USA for the News-LeaderTrip to mailbox relieves writer’s block.

I do hope he takes to writing creative fiction :-)

Next, a post from someone I’ve referenced here a number of times, Joe Konrath.

His piece, Ethical Roulette, poses many questions about the moral behavior of authors as well as “hysterics, mob behavior, and action motivated by fear or righteous indignation.”

Next is an article called The New Vanity Publishing: Traditional Publishing which gives some compelling facts on why self-publishing is a viable avenue for authors and includes this telling comment: “…writers are willing to forego the benefits of self-publishing for the unshakable belief in the ‘prestige’ of signing on with a ‘real publisher’.”

And last, even though I don’t use Twitter to “promote” my books, 5 Reasons Novelists Should Flock to Twitter.

“Should” and “Flock”?

At least, if you like platforms like Twitter, the reasons are valid :-)

One last thing

Blogging can sometimes feel like writing in a vacuum—few comments.

So, if you’d like to anonymously register your desire for the kind of posts you’d like to see here, visit this short poll about Reading, Writing, and Publishing.
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6 responses to “A Bouquet of Articles for Writers & Publishers

  1. Tomas September 11, 2012 at 11:22 am

    While Blogging sometimes feel like writing in a vacuum indeed, it always symbolize the awakening, the courage to break the silence (the market’s advertisements) and speak one’s mind openly, to sign (to personalize) the affirmations we are proclaiming as a shield. Welcome to Art by Tomas
    Sincerely Yours
    Tomas Karkalas


  2. Jane Watson September 14, 2012 at 8:09 am

    Joe Konrath asks some very interesting questions in the piece you have linked to here. Especially: “Would you ever trade reviews with your fellow authors?Would you ever ask friends for reviews? Family? Fans? Strangers.” I’m in Australia and because we have a small population of writers it often comes to pass that one is reviewing, writing blurbs for friends. This is an interesting dilemma. If everyone writing reviews refused to do so because of some perceived conflict of interest we would probably have very few reviews here indeed. We often debate the morality of this and so far it seems to me the jury is out. I guess in the end you can only be true to yourself and write an honest review and hope your friends remain friends :)


    • Alexander M Zoltai September 14, 2012 at 10:49 am

      Jane, you make me think of the many times you and I have “reviewed” each other’s book on Book Island

      And, the review you gave my book on Amazon. And the one I just gave your book on Amazon :-)

      None of this is immoral and those who think so seem to me to have shady motives
      My recent review of Jane Watson’s novel:

      Hindustan Contessa is a rare book.

      Its structure is unique—a quilt of meanings that evoke many levels of feeling—moving in space and time to mine yet more meaning…

      Its style is compelling—pulling one’s heart into the events, attracting the mind to fresh thoughts about sadly well-worn topics

      I read it twice and am waiting for the time when my soul says, “Read it again, Now!”


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