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Breaking Boundaries ~ Microfiction

I just left the virtual world, Second Life. I’d been to a literary Happy Hour, hosted by Relish Resident and dedicated to microfiction.

Microfiction is so Niche that even Wikipedia doesn’t have a separate entry for it—it’s in with Flash Fiction

I’ve written many times about my experiences in Second Life and tonight’s event was superb.

I’m going to reproduce four of Relish’s microfiction pieces below but first want to give you a reference to some considerations when approaching execution of this genre. As with all opinions about literature, and especially concerning something as new as this, take the article, The Essentials of Micro-Fiction, with a grain of salt

Read by Relish Resident, at the Writer’s Block Cafe on Book Island

(All copyright 2011 by Relish Resident)


The whole thing was blown out of proportion. A large woman had reached for the tic tacs and a slender man, with the waistline of a teenage girl, felt that she had interrupted his personal space.

Many words were exchanged, which led to pushing and shoving, and soon an all-out fist fight erupted. The slender man was tossed over the boxes of fruit loops (3 for 3.50) and the large woman took 4 gutshots and a knee to the face without so much as flinching. I was gambling, feeding crisp dollars into a poker machine, trying to receive an illegal payout, trying to pay my way through barber school, trying to make a difference in this world by cutting hair.
I was amazed to see the slender man suddenly working an effective jab and cashing in on the large woman’s late-round fatigue. That is when it hit me. I’d never be a success.

Horror Part 1

Blood dripped from its eyes, its head tilted to the left, its chin and cheeks seemed to melt in layers, its skin was painted white, its lips black, it was toothless with a long hairy tongue. It walked from room to room and we all curled into little balls of fear. It yelled, “I am real; you can’t comprehend me.” Everything we ever believed died that night.


They all ate chocolate deserts, average steak-ranch hoagies, pizza, and listened to a lengthy love poem that was read aloud. One person danced while a tall man sang, small electric fans were frequently being turned off and on. Their boss away, they all felt sleepy and useless. It was heaven.

Bird Watching

“What in the hell are we supposed to do now?”
The two men hung from the ledge suspended 36 stories in the air. Many curious spectators gathered below.
“We’ll get a closer look at the nesting Falcons. We are going to die now you ass.” Firetrucks sirened in the distance. The sun blushed.
“You know what’s funny? I just wanted to spend time with you. I hate birds.” They looked at each other and dangled their legs.


One of the best parts of Relish’s weekly microfiction event is that we get to discuss the works after they’re read.

As the LitReactor site says:

Micro Fiction is “…an art form of its own—a different medium for expression—as different from shorts stories as short stories are from novels.”

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12 responses to “Breaking Boundaries ~ Microfiction

  1. Simone Benedict July 9, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    I enjoyed reading these, especially “Circumstances”. I’d like to read more of this writer’s work.


    • Alexander M Zoltai July 9, 2011 at 3:39 pm

      Well, Simone, he’s working now on getting a better Web presence but I do have a few more of his shorter works; and, here they are :-)

      ((All Copyright 2011 by Relish Resident))

      *African Queen*

      She was set up with a small table in the middle of a city neighborhood whose Keystone had closed. She was selling tiny African flags, book marks, pins, literature, and thin silky scarves; the colors matched her eyes, lips, hair, and beautiful skin.
      “You’re very pretty,” I said.
      “I’m much more than that,” she said.
      I nodded, moved along, and melted her into my memory.

      *Independence Day*

      “Dad it isn’t to hipster to love America like you do. Have you considered all the mean things we do and have done?”
      The father looked at his college age daughter and continued to lift his front yard flag and pass out sparklers to the neighborhood children. “Honey, I do love America because not only can you say that, but you can help to change what you don’t like.” He handed her a sparkler. “And I know you will.”

      *Death Row*

      His wife smiled at him and clutched her hands together so tightly that they trembled. The room was filled with invited guests, all there to watch her husband. She ignored everyone and looked straight into his eyes. He blinked four times, that was his promise. One for each year they were married. “I love you,” she mouthed. He closed his eyes and died. “Time of death 12:42,” the warden nodded. They closed the curtain.

      *Jackson’s Meatloaf*

      A man that isn’t homeless stands near the ballpark for hours. He lives on a small army pension and is excited each month to dine at an inexpensive family restaurant. He points at it, “I am on top of the world for that hour. My friend Jackson cooks some serious meatloaf.” That same day, a man and woman exiting a BMW giggle, “We could go there for dinner, I’m sure they have a great chef on staff.” They also point.


      THREE men bought FOUR items, charcoal, hot dogs, ground meat, plastic cups, and paid with a blue plastic card. They burned charcoal and drank beer. Later in the day their TWO girlfriends and ONE boyfriend came, that made SIX. They all got rowdy and shared laughter.The next week FOUR left for a war, TWO staid home, and TWO would never come home again. Eventually, FOUR stood in front of TWO cemetery stones in silence.

      *The Wall Hanging*

      “What if I fed you truth serum,” she asked her girlfriend.
      “Then I would stop listening, and playing nice. I’d tell you what a selfish person you are,” she said.
      “You just said it without the Serum.” They sat on a cream loveseat and studied plain walls.
      “Fine put away your truth serum. The hell with the Hendrix print hang the Lennon one.” They cuddled and stared at Lennon.


      My mother and father would drive all four of us to lake Erie for ice cream cones and to watch the sunset. We would eat tiny cones and watch the sun go from yellow to orange to red as it ducked lower into the never-ending water. My dad would sometimes put on old songs from the 1940’s and my sick mother would hold his hand. We felt like the richest family on earth.


  2. Simone Benedict July 11, 2011 at 2:42 am

    I loved these too. I think “Jackon’s Meatloaf” and “Independence Day” are my personal faves. Thank you very much for sharing these pieces from an obviously talented writer!

    Liked by 1 person

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