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Publishing Predictions for 2015

I have to give a lot of credit to anyone who makes serious predictions about publishing… 

Publishing Predictions 2015

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In today’s seriously frenzied book-world, predictions can be hazardous

However, Mark Coker, CEO of Smashwords, has the experience and credentials to make credible predictions.

Smashwords is “the world’s largest distributor of indie ebooks.”

And, Mark has a recent article called, 2015 Book Publishing Industry Predictions: Slow Growth Presents Challenges and Opportunities.

As usual, I’ll give you a few excerpts that I hope encourage you to read the full article:

“To the extent any of us can predict the future…predictions help stir the imagination, spark constructive debate and assist with strategic planning.”

“I’m confident that decades from now, ebook self publishing will be viewed by historians as no less transformative than the advent of the Gutenberg printing press.”

“Recent years of exponential ebook growth have given way to a new normal of slower growth, greater competition and disruptive business models and power struggles.  These factors create new threats and opportunities for publishing industry participants.”

And, here are Mark’s twelve predictions for 2015 (each header I list here has valuable information in the full article…)—I find numbers 5, 7, and, especially, 10 quite surprising

1.  More authors will aspire to publish indie

2.  Indie authors will capture more ebook market share

3.  Screen reading will increase, but at a slower rate

4.  2015 will be slow growth for most authors, indie and traditional alike

5.  Indie authors face increased competition from traditional publishers

6.  Large publishers step up usage of FREE

7.  FREE will lose more mojo

8.  Many indies will quit in 2015

9.  Time management will separate winners from losers

10.  Amazon Will Use Kindle Unlimited to Pay Authors Less

11.  New VAT rules in Europe will put a damper on European ebook sales

12.  Back to basics:  The bestselling authors in 2015 win with best practices

And, when you go to the full article, don’t forget to read the Comments

Also, if you have any intention of using Smashwords for your own publishing, do check out Mark’s article, Smashwords Year in Review 2014 and Plans for 2015.
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