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Incombustible Ideas: The Subtle Bigotry of Book Banning by Jennifer LaGarde and Travis Crowder

One of the banned books mentioned in this re-blog is “The Hate U Give”, which has recently been released as a major motion picture…

Here’s the Trailer about that movie

Nerdy Book Club

Books are powerful. They have the unique ability to transform, inspire, and educate, all while wrapping us in the singularly connective tissue of story. The ideas in books also have the potential to challenge the status quo, make us think differently, and encourage change in our world: a power which some find frightening. In her 2010 poem Manifesto, written in honor of Banned Books week, beloved young adult novelist Ellen Hopkins wrote, “A word to the unwise./ Torch every book./ Char every page./ Burn every word to ash./ Ideas are incombustible./ And therein lies your real fear.” Hopkins’s words are incisive, probing an issue that’s as old as the art of storytelling itself. Change, though inevitable, can be difficult and frightening, particularly when it forces people to confront their own biases or challenges complacency. Which is why, throughout history, when people oppose change, they often also oppose the books…

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