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It’s Not You, It’s Me: Talking about the Things We Don’t Talk About Mental Health in YA Fiction by Kim Briggs

Today’s re-blog is from the end of last year; but, Oh my, it’s still very important…

Nerdy Book Club

In ninth grade, I remember sitting in Madame Chambers French class. The seat to my left was empty and had been empty for three or four weeks. There were rumors that Lily tried to hurt herself, but I didn’t believe them because everyone liked Lily. The teachers, the students, the coaches, everyone, but here’s the thing, and it took me a lot of years to figure this out, Lily didn’t like Lily. She returned to French class a few days later. She smiled to her friends in the hall, she said, “Hello,” to Madame Chambers, and she acted like everything was normal. For three days, she came to French class, smiled at her classmates, said “Hello” to Madame Chambers, and participated in class discussion, but when no one was looking or she thought no one was looking, a sadness rolled off her that I didn’t remember seeing before. That Thursday…

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