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How I Fell in Love with Storytime by Jennifer Tazerouti

Reading to kids (in school or at home) is “…an educational playground chock full of opportunities to teach vocabulary, literary elements and much more.”

And, today’s re-blog has a video of two guys having fun reading… To you! :-)

Nerdy Book Club

Last year, story time was a big challenge for me. Coming from two decades in the middle school arena, it was a new setting with new material and age levels.   I stumbled through my own ideas of where the children should sit, whether I should sit or stand, which books were the best choices for story time, should I use a document camera, etc, etc. I spent the year doing story time standing up and reading to the children as they sat at tables. Go ahead and laugh!

In this second year of story time I now understand: the purpose of the story time rug, the story time chair and having a special corner or area for story time. But the biggest revelation for me was just how important story time actually is. Don’t get me wrong, I have always known that story time is a big deal and that…

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