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Butterfly Moments Are All Around—Let’s Go Catch Some by Beth Ain

Today’s re-blog is about children and writing; but, if an adult writer can’t take a technique away, something needs “doing”…

Nerdy Book Club

Every time my children sit down to write something, they freeze.

“I don’t know what to write.” It is a mantra they repeat as when I open the refrigerator and say “I don’t know what to make for dinner.”

“What did you do in school today?” I might ask, willing a dinner idea to come to me in the meantime.

“Played wall ball at recess,” my son might say, “but that’s not very interesting.”

“What did it smell like outside when you were playing?” I might ask,

“Nothing, like a cold day.”

“Do all your friends play or do some of them do something else?”

“Some of the boys play soccer.” One of his former best friends plays soccer and not wall ball and doesn’t ask for play dates anymore either.

“Do you ever notice them over there? Does their ball ever mix up with your ball?”

“I guess,” he…

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