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On Doing the Thing You Shouldn’t Be Doing by Travis Jonker

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For a long time whenever the urge to write a story hit, I did a pretty good job of stopping it. Why would I want to do the thing I shouldn’t be doing?

It definitely felt like I shouldn’t be doing it. All the self-defeating stuff that comes with trying something new creatively (at least for me) came. The “What right do I have?” stuff. The “What will they think?” stuff. I couldn’t even struggle in a unique way, how was I going to write something unique?

After a lot of attempts turned back, the urge made some progress. I finally decided that the next time it hit, I was going to go with it.

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And I did. That was a while back now. Since then I realized something that I think we all know, but have trouble convincing ourselves of – that following creative urges is exactly what we…

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4 responses to “On Doing the Thing You Shouldn’t Be Doing by Travis Jonker

  1. Barbara Blackcinder January 20, 2018 at 7:28 am

    I wrote this in response to your last reblog by Travis Jonker:

    Don’t Hang Yourself

    To procrastinate, you can be sure
    Of nothing towards the goal
    To put it off for another day
    Doesn’t mean you’re on a roll

    Likewise letting doubt have its way
    Can surely end something begun
    And so we must fight against it
    Rather than to turn and run

    So shove those ill thoughts away
    While the tale continues to emerge
    Leave those doubts to submarine
    Whenever writing is the urge

    Barbara Blackcinder

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