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When Our Reading Lives Help Us Understand Our Life Situations by Megan Overman

Know any kids affected by financial difficulties…?

Nerdy Book Club

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” –Mason Cooley

Everyone knows that books can provide us with fantastic worlds full of magic, characters with powers we can only dream of, and lives that we wished we lived.  Although books can provide us with a much-needed escape, what if we need help in dealing with our own reality?  Furthermore, what if we need help sharing our reality with others?

One reality that a growing number of students and their families face is financial difficulties.  According to the report A New Majority:  Low Income Students Now a Majority In the Nation’s Public Schools January 2015 by Southern Education Foundation, 51% of the student population that makes up public schools reside in a low income home.

Courtesy of the Southern Education Foundation

So how can books about financial difficulties help our students?  Financial difficulties can place…

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