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Friday Poll ~ Point of View ~ for Readers & Writers

First come the results of last week’s poll—Where Are You In Your Writer’s Journey? 

Point of View In Writing

Image Courtesy of Vangelis Thomaidis ~

Most-voted-for saw a four-way tie

* Wondering If I Can Be A Writer; Still Thinking About What To Write; Doing Research; and, Writing A First Draft.

There was a three-way tie for the next-most-voted-for:

* Doing Revisions; Working On The Tasks of Self-Publishing; and, Promoting A Book.

Then came “Other”:

* “trying to write with an authentic voice”

And, there was one Comment:

* “I think many writers, no matter where they are on their writer’s journey, find themselves at some stage, staring at the wall/ceiling/keyboard/the cat/cup of sustaining beverage and wondering if they can be a writer… even Shakespeare…”


Now, for this week’s topic—Point of View (or, POV).

There are separate polls for Reading and Writing—and, some of you will vote in both

I’m only supplying the most common points-of-view:

First Person: “I couldn’t believe what I saw.”

Second Person: “You won’t believe what you see.”

Third Person: “Seeing the miracle didn’t make him believe it.”

If you want a quick primer of the common points-of-view, try Grammar Girl’s

If these polls spark your interest in knowing about other POVs, try this article by Kelly Leiter

For those of you who are aware of or use other points-of-view, there is the “Other” Space

And, multiple votes are permissible :-)

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