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Blogging on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the “business social media site”, right?

Image courtesy of Julia Freeman-Woolpert ~

Image courtesy of Julia Freeman-Woolpert ~

Well They call it the “World’s Largest Professional Network”.

Lots of folks use it to find a job, or the people to fill a job slot.

They also let members “…follow news by industry and sources, companies, and groups…”.

But, since October of 2012 they let you “…follow the likes of Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Caterina Fake, Craig Newmark, President Barack Obama, Governor Mitt Romney, and many more.”

They also let you “…like and comment directly on their posts, and share with your network.”

Kind of like subscribing to long-form blog posts by famous people

Just the other day they began rolling out the ability for members (non-famous folk) to do their own blogging.

They say “…the posts will appear on [members’] profiles where they will ‘live forever’ as a part of [the] professional identity…”

That last altered quote originated on TechCrunch in their article, LinkedIn Opens Its Publishing Platform To All Members.

That article ends with these words:

“LinkedIn may be looking to deliver more personalized insights and increase user engagement, but the actual end result—given broad enough adoption of the pro blogging feature—will likely be better hiring decisions as companies get to know the person behind the resume.”

There was also an article with much more financial speculation on Gigaom—LinkedIn has the one thing other publishing platforms would kill for.

That article ends with these thoughts:

“Are there going to be quality issues and other struggles for new publishing platforms like LinkedIn, as there have been for Medium and the Huffington Post? Of course there are. But particularly for LinkedIn, the benefit of having a completely separate business that is generating significant amounts of revenue will give the company a lot more firepower than most of its competitors. Just another thing to keep traditional media awake at night.”

And, aiming right at the users’ benefits, the article, LinkedIn Wants to Be Your Soapbox, Not Just Your Résumé, in The New York Times, says:

“With the new tool, which will be rolled out gradually to LinkedIn’s membership over the coming weeks, users will be able to write and publish posts longer than the 600-character maximum that exists for status updates now. The posts will initially be shared with people in each user’s network, but if they are popular and compelling enough, LinkedIn’s algorithms might send them out more broadly.”

And, from Entrepreneur’s, Have a Blog? LinkedIn Wants Your Copy., we find out:

“In addition to written articles, members can share photos, images, videos and their original presentations via SlideShare…”

Sound interesting to you?
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4 responses to “Blogging on LinkedIn?

  1. penpusherpen February 20, 2014 at 5:33 am

    Nope, Alexander, I get tied in knots just thinking about all those supposedly different social sites, I sit and feel so disconnected , and wonder at the hot air blown about. I pass, and stay with the boundaries I can manage without blowing a gasket. xx


  2. Jane Watson February 20, 2014 at 6:29 am

    No, I can’t cope either. I believe in focussing on a few things I can just manage. However I want to send out a big apology and thanks to all those folks who regularly shout out to me on social networks including Linked In – I’d like to endorse you all!! But I just don’t have time to answer atm. I am a writer… I can barely cope with that :-)


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