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Cleaning Out The Closet . . .

Regular readers know I use a number of sources for possible blog posts—I even use myself on the Friday Behind The Scenes posts :-)

I gather possibilities without deciding if they’ll actually turn into a post—some I just can’t figure out how to use, though I still think they’re worth reading

So, here come some links to articles I haven’t got around to featuring (Enjoy):

Library of Congress acts as America’s hard drive

American Zoetrope and The Virtual Studio

De-Privatizing Poetry

Synesthesia and the Poetry of Numbers: Autistic Savant Daniel Tammet on Literature, Math, and Empathy, by Way of Borges

Faith in Fiction

Better Than Fall Back: The Small Press Option

Amazon is not a miracle cure for obscurity

Amazon Divides And Conquers

If you read some of those, it would really help me if you’d let me know what you think in the Comments :-)
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