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All About #Authors, the #WritersLife, and #WritingTips

Woah—I’m all Twitterfied in that post title

Actually those three hashtags could apply to this blog (especially if you scroll and explore the left side-bar…)—looking into the Top Tags will reveal my dedication to sharing information that writers can use (plenty of info for readers and publishers, too).

And, as I usually do, I must warn you to take Any writing advice with tender caution

However, today I’m going to feature two other folks who devote their time and effort to informing writers.

First is Jon Winokur who blogs at AdviceToWriters.

One of Jon’s specialties, on the blog and on Twitter, is sharing great quotes from writers—it’s the first category in his left side-bar

Then, his side-bar explodes with “Rules and Commandments”, Articles and Essays, Resources (a little gold mine all by itself), Interviews (Many), Literary Journals, Blogs, Magazines, Organizations, Audio Recordings, Podcasts, Videos, Nobel Lectures (Amazing), Twitter Feeds, Literary Agents, Self-Publishing Resources, Sui Generis (meaning “Unique”), and the surprising last category, Discouragement

And, as if that weren’t enough, his top menu bar has a link to his own books

The second person I’ll introduce today was actually introduced yesterday because of the start of NaNoWriMo.

Here’s her autobio:

“I’m Ava Jae. I write. I read. I edit. And then I talk about it all across the interwebs. My debut YA Sci-Fi, BEYOND THE RED [ <—Preorder ]…If you like your YA SF of the extrasolar planet variety with aliens, monarchies, explosions and kissing, you might like it.

She blogs at writability and she has her own YouTube channel—bookishpixie.

Here are a couple of her High-Energy vids:

Read Some Strange Fantasies
Grab A Free Novel…
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