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I Give Myself A Fantastic Writing Challenge . . .

It’s always interesting how seemingly isolated threads of activity can weave themselves into a new goal

First : I was contemplating the writing of one of the stories for the series, Behind The Scenes, and decided to purchase a deck of “Magic” cards to do a little research

Second : I gave a half-hearted attempt to learn how to play that card game and then just left the cards sitting on my writing desk

Third : I’d finished all the Behind The Scenes posts and faced the unrelieved desire to continue creating new stories each Friday

Fourth : A few days ago I spied the magic cards and playfully (randomly) drew-out five of them

Result: I had a Writing Prompt for a story and knew I’d begin a series of posts called Friday Fantasy

I’ll share, in a bit, a mind-map I created to evoke a plot for a fantasy story; but, first, here’s a graph from Visual Thesaurus for the word “fantasy”:


And, here’s the Etymology of the word “fantasy”:

early 14c., “illusory appearance,” from Old French fantaisie (14c.) “vision, imagination,” from Latin phantasia, from Greek phantasia “appearance, image, perception, imagination,” from phantazesthai “picture to oneself,” from phantos “visible,” from phainesthai “appear,” in late Greek “to imagine, have visions,” related to phaos, phos “light,” phainein “to show, to bring to light” (see phantasm). Sense of “whimsical notion, illusion” is pre-1400, followed by that of “imagination,” which is first attested 1530s. Sense of “day-dream based on desires” is from 1926.

I’ve shared that info on “fantasy” because some of my regular readers might wonder why in the world I’m going to engage in genre writing—check out these past posts on genre—and, be aware, I fully intend to Bend the fantasy genre :-)

So, when I’d drawn those Magic cards, I got Merfolk, Enchantment-Immortality, Mountain, Forest, and Plain; and, I wrote a short fantasy—eventually 32 of them— right here

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