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So You Want To Be A Successful Writer… ~ Oh, My…

Last year I wrote the article Bad Advice for Writers = Most Advice for Writers.

If you want to be a successful writer you should go read that article.

It begins by telling you that most books sell less than 500 copies.

Then, it explores a range of motivations for being a writer that don’t include making a lot of money.

Still, there’s more opportunity these days to make money as a writer—it just takes an incredible amount of work and a nice big helping of luck…

And, I should explain what “luck” actually stands for—Laboring Under Correct Knowledge…

Including this post, I now have 48 articles tagged “Writing Advice” (check out the Top Tags widget further down the left side-bar for more topics…).

Another article in this blog that aspiring writers might seriously consider reading is Selling Books Is Hard. ~ So, Why Do Writers Keep Trying?

In that post, I quote Cory Doctorow saying:

“Getting people to care about the products of your imagination is a profound and infinitely complex task that will absorb as much attention as you give it. Every book and every author brings a different proposition to the negotiation with readers, but there’s one thing they all have in common: unless someone takes charge of doing something, something clever and active and good and slightly improbable, no one will care about the book or the person who wrote it.” 

So, with that all said, here’s an article meant for bloggers but certainly just as valid for those who write books—101 Writing Resources That’ll Take You from Stuck to Unstoppable—though I can’t vouch for the helpfulness of every link that post offers…

Here are the topic headings in that article:

Handle Writer’s Block Before It Handles You
Boost Your Confidence, Mindset, and Motivation
Set Goals, Prioritize Your Time, and Create a Routine You Can Live With
Conquer Inertia and Stay Productive
Anticipate Stuckness and Fuel Up on Inspiration
Crush Distractions and Maintain Focus
Build the Right Relationships and Improve Your Communication
Get Extra Help with Tools, Services and Support
Feed Your Mind with Education and Community Resources
Bonus: Personal Growth + Writing = Awesome

And, my personal Bonus for the readers of this blog who want to be successful writers is my article back in June—The Successful Writer—that quotes heavily from an incredibly successful writer—Joe Konrath.
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