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Do You Own Your E-books?

I remember the first time I heard that Amazon can take e-books back after you buy them—I felt violated…

But, I recently published my second e-book, this time directly with Amazon, and discovered I have some control over what they do.

I discovered, as the author, that I could choose whether or not the book had DRM applied.

I chose to let the reader have some say—without DRM the purchaser can copy the e-book to another device and e-book format.

Of course, the person buying the book needs to know they have these options—I feel most readers don’t know…

And, today I opened one of the email subscriptions that helps me find things to blog about and saw an article from Good e-ReaderDo We Need Consumer Protection for eBooks?

I encourage you, whether you’re a writer or reader, to take that link and read the full article; but, here are just a few excerpts:
{ apparently, they didn’t know an author can control DRM on Amazon—many authors don’t know… }
“When Amazon sells you an an eBook for the Kindle they have the right to remove it at any time. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is referenced and Amazon can take your books away if it finds you’ve been naughty.”

“There are only a few online bookstores of note that do not sell their books using Digital Rights Management (DRM) and allow for a somewhat clearer path of ownership.”

“Ebooks now account for 27% of all adult trade sales. With this much money at stake and more customers adopting them, consumer protection for digital books is going to be needed.”

Do we really need some kind of governmental control?

Is it possible for e-retailers to realize their business would actually be more secure without DRM?

If you’d like some really good reasons why DRM is silly and dangerous, check out the video at my past post, Distributors of Books Are Oppressing Authors?

What are your thoughts and feelings about who actually owns e-books?
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