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Friday Poll ~ Where Are You In Your Writer’s Journey?

As always, before the new poll, we’ll look at last week’s results from How Do You Find The Books You Read? 

First place went to “A Friend’s Recommendation”.

Second place had “A Review I Read”.

Third was a two-way tie with “In A Book Shop by Browsing” & “At An Internet Retailer by Browsing”.

Fourth place also had a two way tie: “In A Friend’s Library” & “At An Internet Retailer from ‘Also Bought’ Recommendation”.

Fifth place had “In the Public Library by Browsing”.

Sixth was “Noticing It In A Shop Window”.

Seventh place was a two-way tie with “In the Public Library from An Employee Recommendation” & the “Other” Space which had someone write in “Author’s Blog, Online Postings by Other Readers”.

Last were two which got no votes: “The Star-Rating” & “In A Bookshop from An Employee Recommendation”.


Now this week’s poll.

Again, you can make multiple votes and the “Other” space is there for unique answers

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