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Friday Poll ~ What’s Your Writing Schedule?

First come the results of last week’s pollWhat’s Your Favorite Place To Read? 

We had eight responses—not a lot but definitely varied and interesting :-) 

* Wherever the book is, basically.

* bed, sofa, garden bench

* Cathedral of learning in Pittsburgh

* porch swing

* In an armchair in my study.

* anywhere quiet and I won’t be interrupted for hours

* Snugged-up in my apartment

* A real Cafe with a low buzz going on…


Now, for this week’s poll—What’s Your Writing Schedule?

The form has 2-hour segments covering 24 hours—plus, one other answer :-)

Check any segment during which you usually write.

Please check as many segments as you normally use.

Also, you can use the “Other” space to clarify or comment…

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