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Friday Poll ~ What Writer’s Resources Do You Use?

Let’s start with the results of the first of last week’s polls—What Are You Writing Now? 

Writer's Resource Poll

Image Courtesy of Kristen Price ~

Either there aren’t many folks writing now or the poll wasn’t interesting enough to answer :-)

[Edit after I published this, from a Twitter friend:
“writers don’t want to share. The book is to be published but the Idea before that is kept close.”]

Here are the five responses:

“Nothing; just finished the publishing stage”

“microfiction expanded”

“Compilation of Sermons to Share”

“urban fantasy/science fiction”

“my blog”

And, for the second of last week’s polls—What Are You Planning to Write?

Here are the responses:

“a crime novel with historical background”

“micro novel”

“more books set in my universe”



Now, perhaps, this week’s poll will be of more interest—What Writer’s Resources Do You Use?

As always, you can choose multiple answers and use the “Other” space: plus, once you vote, you can make a Comment:

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