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10 Places to Seek and Offer Book Recommendations

Last month, Digital Book World had an article about book recommendation sites.

Some of them you may already know well; some, not

I’ll give you the links here but let you go to the article to read why they picked them-—>Top Ten Book Recommendation Platforms.

Since this article was written 8 has switched from Sony to Kobo—the link explains…


2: Book Bub


4: Bookish

5: Goodreads

6: Jellybooks

7: Riffle

8: Sony Reader Store

9: What Should I Read Next

10: Which Book

Do, please, go read what they say about each of those sites

They also have some Honorary Mentions:

Book Scout
Next Read
The Reading Room
Your Next Read

If you use any of those sites, please share your impressions in the Comments :-)
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What Should You Read Next?

How do you choose what to read next?


Ask a friend?

Browse a bookstore?

Browse a WebSite?

Go to a library?

Well, I found another way—based on other readers’ favorites and used over 10 million times

And, it’s called, ever so appropriately, What Should I Read Next? :-)

I’ve checked it out and it seems to have some merit.

What I’d really like, though, is for you to check it out and come back and let me know what you think in our comments.


Good :-)
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