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Friday Fantasy ~ Number Sixteen

The Plot Thickens . . .

~ I am the words you’re reading—my name is Story and I’m in a bind… 

It feels like I’m on an island with just enough space to walk in a small circle.

All directions seem the same

In fact, there are too many directions I can take—one huge swarm of ways to proceed, each buzzing in my ear, each promising—something

Then there are the things below the tiny hut I have—scritching around, gnawing at my nerves

I think I’ll take a swim.


Those fish seem so big

Can’t just stand here—can’t not move forward………

Damn !

I’ll die if I don’t do something !!

O.K., o.k., calm down.

There’s water, sand

Wood ! The hut !

Tear it down with my bare hands !?


Hours later I lay on the sand, a heap of exhaustion with a pile of wood next to me.

Nails but no hammer

No rope

What’s that?

Crawling up out of the sand where the hut was

Like a rat—two now, three

I grab the largest board in the stack and start whacking away, killing ten of whatever the hell they are.

Long with large, horny heads

They seem to be stiffening up, losing their hair—look almost like a bunch of organic hammers

Damn !


Didn’t take that long to get the nails out of the boards with my horrific little hammers but each of the ten only lasted a short while—they’re all smashed to pulp, stinking something awful

Wait——what? More sand?

Looks like my little island has grown into a narrow peninsula.

But peninsulas connect to larger landmasses

Don’t see any such thing.


After a longer walk than I first thought it would take, I find the mainland Need a nap


I wake in the middle of the night.

No moon.

Plenty of weird sounds

Is that a light over there?


I head towards it and the frequency seems to begin matching the pace of my walking.

I walk faster.

The light pulses faster.

I reach the light and it engulfs me—my mind churns, my skin crawls

I pass out.



I’m lying on the grass at the edge of a small village.

Someone’s approaching

Man in a business suit !?

I sit up as he reaches me.

He says, “What are you doing here?”

“I don’t know

“What’s your name?”


“You sure?”


“That’s my name, too


We talk for hours and finally come to a decision—-find our greatly confused author

Copyright, 2014, Alexander M Zoltai
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