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A Response to An Attempted Corporate Crime . . .

This edition of Behind The Scenes of my short novel, Notes from An Alien, enters territory not visited in the book

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The home was quiet. Four walls listening

Gruyfen sat at her table, mind still, heart open

Recent events were challenging—some saying a tragedy in the making—accepted as tests to be met with love—and, justice.

Her village was astir. Much needed doing. She concluded her prayers.

“May I offer up my life for Your loved ones, if it be Your Will.

“May our World find peace, through Your Grace.

“May Your Strength support me

A knock at the door.

She stood and raised her voice—“Come in, Valin!”

The young man entered and said, “Someday I’ll figure out how you know it’s me.”

“Events are reaching a climax and you have misplaced your mind, Valin. Do you not think your knock has it’s own style?”

“Oh, wow! Sure. So simple

“What news do you bring?”

“Mesra has the animals ready. Murun is prepared for injuries. Casr and Belum are standing by.”

“Valin, go to the mountain. Lead the villagers. Take this cloth as my Token. Wait on the Lake Isle for word to return.”

“You’re so calm

“There is nothing else to be, Valin—Go.”

The village of Makprun was ancient. Gruyfen had been the Leader since she was twenty years old—now, eighty-seven.

The continent of Magruma had seen the forces of the Corporation devastating villages—forcefully taking the young men for the construction of a ship to fly to another World.

Gruyfen had prepared them as best she could, thankful, especially, that Mesra was knowledgeable of the potential of the ever-present Wezut—small, intelligent animals, capable hunters, friends to the people.

She lifted the bag of cyphers from the table and walked to the door.

There was a knock.

“Yes, Selon.”

A young woman opened the door and Gruyfen handed her the bag.

“Gruyfen, I beg you to come with us

“My place is here and your place is on the Lake Isle with the others, using your ability with the cyphers to help them consult and your knowledge of plants to feed and heal them.”

“How long do think it will take?”

“I feel it may take a full cycle of Angi; though, if it be the Will of The Prophet, you will return before nightfall.”

“Why are they doing this?”

“These people are empty bowls of sadness. They have raped other villages. They are not aware of our protections and will attempt many attacks. We will repel their intentions as many times as necessary—a full cycle, perhaps


Bezurn checked his weapon, then ordered the men into the vehicle.

They lifted off and reached altitude swiftly.

Bezurn stood and said:

“We’re on our way to glory. Makprun is the largest village in Magruma. We have word from other tribal leaders that the people of Makprun have special abilities, that we should be careful.”

The men gave back hearty shouts and laughs.

“Even though this will be an easy mission, three of our representatives have returned from the village in a broken condition. The scientists say it was the mountain climate and local plants that cause disorientation by releasing spores. No worries, men. You have the masks and any resistance by the villagers is to be met with immediate Plasma blasts—full power.”


Selon had caught up with the villagers and immediately questioned Valin:

“Do you think it will work?”

“Oh, yes, it will work. Gruyfen has a power they can’t comprehend.”

“But, the others who came only talked. Word is that this time they’ll bring Plasma guns

“Selon, where is your faith? Gruyfen is not just our leader, she’s our Protector.”

“Yes She is but Plasma guns?”

“Ever wondered how Gruyfen communicates with the other tribal leaders?”

“I have wondered

“I heard one of the Corporate visitors say she could manipulate the Plasma

“Really?! That would explain a few things

“She is so spiritual the forces of the universe obey her wishes.”

“She’s calm in the storm

“She’s the rock we stand on!”


Gruyfen stood with Mesra on the lower edge of the escarpment leading to the village as the Corporate vehicle circled for a landing.

“Mesra—as planned. I will do what I can but the animals may be necessary.”

“Yes, Gruyfen


The villagers had reached the Lake Isle, cradled in a valley of the mountain.

Valin was organizing a gathering party:

“Selt, take Uron and Hezil up the slope to those trees and search for Masp, Jenyn, and Tellm—three bags of each—bring them to Selon for preparation.”

The plants would feed them and provide elixirs for illness or injury.

After Selon instructed her aides in the preparation of the plants, she sought out the elders and sat with them in a tight circle—ten men and sixteen women. She opened her bag of cyphers.

Each person drew out three of the small, flat stones. Each was prompted to lay down one of the cyphers so all could see the engraved symbols.

Selon instructed them:

“Arrange them in the way you feel they speak most clearly.”

The collective ritual continued till the bag was empty.

Selon cleared her voice and began her interpretation:

“You have cast the Reading. May the Prophet guide me.

“There is much concern for our future. Others bear down on us but there is faith in our protection. Your cyphers show guidance is needed to shape new plans–this will come from our consultation

A round of spirited conversation ensued.

When the conversation ebbed, Selon continued:

“We are strong in faith but need more practical options. The Others are strong in things—we have our Truth.”

Another round of conversation.

“It is decided that each elder will share all their best wisdom with one of the mature adults—open the channels early—prepare for multiple possibilities.”


Bezurn walked down the ramp of the vehicle, followed by his twenty men.

They approached Gruyfen and Mesra.

Bezurn shouted:

“Bring out your young men and no harm will come to you!”

Gruyfen concentrated her thought.

Bezurn stumbled and fell. Two of his men began to help him up but also stumbled.

Gruyfen spoke:

“Stay where you are and you will not suffer. We do not recognize your authority. Leave us alone or you will incur the Prophet’s Authority.”

Bezurn had managed to stand, tried to speak, but couldn’t

He began to give command signals with his hands.

Gruyfen nodded to Mesra.

Mesra whistled.

Three packs of Wezut appeared from behind rock outcroppings and advanced on the corporate troops, stopping near them, emitting a shrill keening.

Bezurn signaled the men to shoot the animals.

The Wezut began to bark, rapid series of barks more shrill than their wailing.

The men stood still, not raising their weapons, as the Wezut began to circle them

Gruyfen was concentrating so fiercely her face was sweating.

Bezurn gestured commands at his troops, to no avail, then ran at Gruyfen.

He got within ten paces and fell flat on his face.

The Wezut were herding the troops back up the ramp of their vehicle.

Gruyfen approached Bezurn as she said:

“You try to harm us, to steal our young men, yet we are aligned with a Will beyond your understanding.

“Go from us, report to your masters that you have been subdued by a woman and a troop of small animals.

“If you send other troops, we will meet them with other ploys—tactics not conceived by mortals

“Hear the screams of the oppressed!”

Bezurn clasped his hands over his ears and stumbled his way to the vehicle.

Gruyfen turned to Mesra and said:

“They will return


The people returned to the village and Selon told Gruyfen of her cypher session.

Gruyfen instructed the elders to proceed with their plan and spent the next three days meeting with each elder privately.

Valin was also summoned to Gruyfen’s presence.

“Valin, you will take on an unprecedented position in the tribe.

“It is time for a revolution of our spirits.

“You will lead the children in cypher sessions to shape activities for mental concentration.

“I will train you in the ways of Plasma communication.

“You will, eventually, lead our tribe.

Valin slowly crumpled to the floor, a radiant smile on his face
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