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A Great Place for Writers (And, Readers) To Buy Professional Books

Quoted from the March post, How Do Words Get Into A Dictionary?:

“I subscribe to the Oxford Dictionary Pro but their free online edition of the Oxford Dictionary is good, too.

“Naturally, the dictionary is managed by the University of Oxford—”It is the oldest university in the English-speaking world, and the second-oldest surviving university in the world.”

Oxford actually has 58 different services you can subscribe to…”

They also have a Book Store.

Here are the categories:

Those are from the USA site.

If you want a different country, go here and click on the little flag, then enter your country :-)

There’s one particular selection I’m drooling over (maybe someday I can afford it…):

historical thesaurus

Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary

With Additional Material from A Thesaurus of Old English

Edited by Christian Kay, Jane Roberts, Michael Samuels, and Irené Wotherspoon

  • A unique thesaurus resource – the very first historical thesaurus to be compiled for any of the world’s languages
  • The largest thesaurus resource in the world, covering more than 920,000 words and meanings from Old English to the present day based, on the Oxford English Dictionary
  • Synonyms listed with dates of first recorded use in English, in chronological order, with earliest synonyms first
  • Uses a thematic system of classification, with synonyms and related words forming part of a detailed semantic hierarchy
  • Comprehensive index enables complete cross-referencing of nearly one million words and meanings
  • Contains a comprehensive sense inventory of Old English
  • Includes a free fold-out color chart which shows the top levels of the classification structure
  • Made up of two volumes: The main text, comprising numbers sections for semantic categories, and the index, comprising a full A-Z look up of nearly one million lexical items

* Hardcover
* 3952 Pages
* 8 3/4 x 11 1/4 inches


Go on over and find a few books that are within your budget :-)
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A Short Post About Some BIG Writing Resources…

We have, as of today, 43 posts on this blog about Writers’ Resources.

Today, I’ll reveal one more that may, for some of you, dwarf all the rest

Great Writers Inspire ~ Learning from The Past

This is an on-going initiative by the University of Oxford.

As they say on the site:

The selection of content to be released will initially include:

  • A series of lectures recorded at a one-day ‘Be Inspired’ event (Read about the event in our blog!)
  • Early sets of material already made available
  • Shakespeare – including a new series of 11 lectures
  • Timelines, themes, thematic areas, academic essays and profiles.
  • Lecture series on D.H. Lawrence, George Eliot, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare amongst others.
  • Classic texts from the 18th Century (c. 2,000 texts openly released as ebooks)
  • A variety of material from the Oxford Text Archive
  • Scholarly blog posts, historical timelines and links to related contextual online lectures from the wider humanities area at Oxford and beyond

What a tremendous Wealth of Resources :-)
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