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Education ~ Reading, Writing, and Publishing…

The three Rs, Readin’, Ritin’ and ‘Rithmetic, have been attacked as truly basic subjects for a proper education.

While all three demand a modicum of intelligent effort to learn, there are concerns about young students’ lack of critical thinking.

Reading needs an ability to evaluate what’s read.

Writing needs introspective analysis.

Math needs humane problems to solve.

Since I’m merely a man who’s loved to study but couldn’t deal with school, I’ll leave deeper considerations of proper educations to others

Since I’m a writer who hopes more readers will write, more writers will educate, and more publishers will concern themselves with more than their bottom-line, I found an article from DMLcentral of abiding interest.

DMLcentral is devoted to, “…analyzing and interpreting the impact of the Internet and digital media on education, civic engagement, and youth.”

The article is, Teaching Publishing as a 21st Century Literacy.

From the article:

“…here are three short ideas for how teachers can think about the overlapping literacies of writing and publishing.

Published writing is written for an audience.

Published writing depends on writing technologies.

Published writing helps students learn identity creation.

Before you follow the link to the article to read what they say about those three ideas, I’ll challenge you to sit and ponder; see what you come up with on your own, jot down a couple notes for each idea.

Then, go read the article and compare what those educators say with your own ideas—simple little exercise; kinda like school :-)

But I want to be more like some of my favorite teachers, the ones who lead you toward knowledge

Here’s another excerpt from the article to help orient your pondering on those three ideas:

“One of the goals of education—digital or otherwise—is to prepare students for thinking and doing outside the classroom. And while it is true that the goal of teaching writing has always been to prepare students for writing beyond the walls of the schoolhouse, this is even more the case now that digital publishing has become so widely available in our society. In other words, as much as possible, the task of teaching writing is also teaching writing for public consumption, and teaching writing for public consumption in the network society means teaching writing and publishing as being inseparable.”

Place your papers on my desk as you leave the classroom and enjoy your holiday vacation!
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