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Lots of the News About #Publishing Is Dead Wrong


The news not telling us the truth??

Well, that just can’t be true!


I certainly hope you can detect my irony


Nearly all the news (as far as I can tell) has an agenda, pulls a few punches, caters to money or influence or special interests

The BookWorld is no different.

However, there are, thank God, sources of news that can be trusted.

One of the most trustworthy folks in the BookWorld is Jane Friedman.

In fact, if you scroll down to the Top Tags widget in the left side-bar and click on her name, you’ll find 37 articles featuring her (including this one…).

So, she recently had an article titled, The Myth About Print Coming Back and Bookstores on the Rise.

As usual, I’ll give you a few excerpts and leave it to you to check out the full article

As far as news outlets and individuals touting the two issues in the title of her article, she states simply:

“Most of it is wishful thinking rather than an understanding of what’s actually happening out there.”

There are some very clear graphs in the full article and these bullet points:

1. The ebook sales decline in the United States is related to traditional publishing and possibly its high pricing.
2. Recent print sales gains can be accounted for by coloring books.
3. Market share is drifting away from the Big Five publishers to small presses and self-publishers.

Just a few more excerpts ( for the folks who never take links out of blog posts :-)

“Adult ebook sales have been relatively stable; the big decline is in children’s/YA ebook sales due to the lack of a big franchise hit in 2015. (I hope it gives you pause to learn that the absence of a Harry Potter book or a new YA series can directly affect how well the industry does in a given year.)”

“Nielsen reports that about 12 million coloring books were sold in 2015. Compare that to just 1 million in 2014.”

“Carry a big dose of skepticism, and look at possible underlying agendas, when you hear celebrations about print’s comeback. While I’m not at all proclaiming the death of print or traditional publishers, few media outlets have an understanding of the big picture.”

Also for the folks who never take links out of blog posts—if you really want to get trustworthy news about the BookWorld, you may want to try a 30-day Free Trial of this publication
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