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Everyone Can Be {More} Creative . . .

We all have the “creativity-gene”.

Everyone Can Be Creative

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Or, if you prefer, we all have the Will to Create.

Even if you think you’re not creative at all, I bet, within the past few hours, you faced some decision and made your own creative choice about what to do—no matter how small you felt that choice was

Writers, readers, publishers—folks who want to write, read, or publish—people who don’t want to do any of those things—everyone—the mother who teaches her child, the father who works at home, the child who dreams of greatness, the homeless one who wishes for better dreams

Some of you are in life-positions where creativity is demanded of you—every split-second.

Perhaps you have a justification and the resources to buy a book like The Oxford Handbook of Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship—the “First major volume to connect and integrate contemporary research in organizational creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, with a multi-level approach”.

Some of you have little or no extra money and just want to enliven an otherwise somber existence—stoke the embers of creativity—raise the spirit of radiant living.

Most of you are probably expressing your potential somewhere between those two poles of my own imagination

But, speaking to that person who feels life has no space for their creativity, let me quote something from the Aspen Ideas Festival blog:

“…all humans have a natural ability to come up with creative ideas. Although some people might have unwittingly suppressed this skill, everyone can unleash it by finding the creative confidence to voice ideas….In kindergarten, everyone considers him or herself an artist. This notion slowly dwindles away because most people are afraid of judgment and failure. That’s where the mindset of creative confidence steps in.”

Creative Confidence

First, we have to believe, no matter how much our circumstances may seem to suck, that we have whatever it takes to find creative solutions to our life challenges.

Then, we have to locate the spaces of mind and heart where creativity is hiding.

Finally, we have to somehow find the will to express that spark of personal creativity.

And, usually, we have to repeat that cycle of steps, repeatedly, to get the inspirational bonfire blazing

Btw, that book I mentioned before, from the Oxford University Press, costs $225.

Perhaps you have or can find or borrow about $17.00 for a book by Tom and David Kelly—Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All.

And, for those with no chance of scraping up any extra money, these two videos, with one of the authors of that last book, may be just enough to kickstart your creativity

[ EDIT: after publishing this post… ] One more resource to aid Creative Confidence:

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