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Publishing Day Thoughts…

Eleven years ago: I was given a Theme for a book. Wrote some of the opening scenes.

Nine years ago: the Theme changed its Plot-potential. Did extensive research and outlining.

Six years ago: the Theme changes Plot-potential again. Wrote a few pages.

Eighteen months ago: I finally had the right Plot ideas for the Theme.

One year ago: I had a scene-by-scene outline written. I began the story’s promotion in the virtual world, Second Life.

Eleven months ago: I began the actual writing.

Eight months ago: I had a full first draft. Did some major revising.

Four months ago: the manuscript was back from the Editor.

Three months ago: the manuscript was approved by a special Review Office.

Since three months ago: about 18 small changes were made in the manuscript.

Please note: since a year ago, I’ve been involved in a constant effort to promote the book through various means. If you really want to know more about all that, check out these past posts on various aspects of my promotion trail (which, by the way, will not by any means end with today’s official publishing act [more on that act tomorrow]):

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