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Fifteen Years Ago ~ A Poetic Expedition

The About Page is, usually, the second most visited place on any blog—people want to know who’s behind the words

Today I want to reveal some of my writing from fifteen years ago—major revelation of who I am

All the poems in this revelation are also in my book, Is Your Soul In Here <— for sale but also free to download :-)

Though, Is Your Soul In Here contains additional poetry of mine

The name I gave this writing is Nine Tempestuous Moons ~ The Story of A Relationship.

My poetry in this work was all about my reaction to my daughter’s mother.

The Writing I wove it into is by Bahá’u’lláh.

Bahá’u’lláh was banished and exiled for His Teachings and His earthly life ended in what is today Israel, in 1892:
The Words of His that I wove into my poetry are one phase of a spiritual journey He wrote called The Seven Valleys.

The poems of mine in Nine Tempestuous Moons were the spiritual result of a relationship journey I was destined to make

Perhaps this Poetic Expedition may speak to you………
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