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#Gifts for #Writers

Today’s post features Jane FriedmanI’ve focused on her 41 other times on this blog and, since I tagged this post with her name, you’ll see it at the top of the other posts :-)…

From her LinkedIn profile:

“I’ve spent more than 20 years in the media industry as an editor, publisher, and professor. From 1998–2010, I worked at F+W Media, where I ultimately became publisher of Writer’s Digest... Most recently, I served as the digital editor for the Virginia Quarterly Review, where I led a strategic overhaul of its website and launched digital subscriptions.

“My current project is The Hot Sheet, a paid newsletter serving the professional author community. I’m also working on a forthcoming book from the University of Chicago Press, The Business of Becoming a Writer (2017).”

She shared various tools for writers in her recent post, Gifts for Writers: Tech Savvy and Traditional Options.

I’ll list them here; but, do go to that last link for Jane’s comments on them

Wrights Notes: customized notebooks

“…notebooks that allow the recipient to customize the interior, choosing from lines, blank, dots, squares, to-do lists, wireframes, calendar, or even coloring pages…”

Parc Slope Laptop Stand

“…offers MacBook users a safe tilt, to produce a better viewing height and typing angle…”


“…go-to application for short writing projects, to-do lists, idea brainstorms, meeting notes…”

Canva for Work

“…a way for non-designers to produce great design…”

Mod Notebooks

“…paper-based notebooks…that the company will digitize for you…”


“…learn any kind of software or digital media tool…”

The Great Courses

“…get access to hundreds of courses instantly…”

Journal of the Month

“…every month, subscribers receive a different award-winning literary journal or magazine…”

Tweetspeak Poetry: Poem-a-Day Newsletter

“…an oasis and quiet moment of reflection…”

The Hot Sheet

“…the most important publishing news for authors”

Isn’t there some holiday coming soon that has gift-giving in its traditions………?


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