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#TopTags vs #Searching ~ A #Blogging Journey in #Reading, #Writing, and #Publishing

Counting the present post, this blog has 1,385 posts

Top Tags on Blog

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You probably couldn’t have missed all the hashtags in the title up there—intended to help the folks on Twitter find this particular post.

Hashtags are one way to find what you’re looking for

When someone finds a blog in the wild, they usually have the most recent post at the top and those preceding it streaming down the page

If they come to a blog through WebSearch, they see the post in the link they clicked on and that’s it

So, let’s assume they like what they read.

How do they further explore the blog they’ve found?

Well, since there are so many different ways bloggers set up their blogs, the first thing most folks do is look for a Search Bar to find topics of interest to them.

This blog has one of those in the upper right, under the Main Menu Tabs

Of course, using the search bar may not find exactly what you’re looking for—most search algorithms, even Google’s, fail, at times,  in varying degrees

So, some bloggers (like this one) use a Tag Cloud (Top Tags Widget) to give the traveller a way of finding collections of posts that have certain core ideas and topics.

These tags are selected for each post by the individual blogger, so they depend for their accuracy on the abilities of the blogger in question to select truly representative words or phrases for the Tags they apply

So, back to the 1,385 posts on this blog and my Top Tags Widget, which is down a bit in the left side-bar.

I must add, since I’ve been very aware lately of folks who use their phone to get here, that the small screen user needs to find their general “Menu” button and look for something like “Request Desktop Site” so they can see the left side-bar…

If you scroll down there, you’ll see that certain words are larger. This means there are more posts with that tag (and, on this blog, letting your cursor hover over the words will show how many posts there are…).

I thought, beyond the possible over-abundance of hashtags in the title—intended to alert folks to the fact that this blog has lots of stuff about #Reading, #Writing, and #Publishing—I’d also put a few of the Top Tag links right here in this post—a mini-guide to what’s here—an author’s selection of “Most Important” topics

Let’s start with a few for Readers:

Reading, Short Stories, Libraries, Literacy

Just those Tag Links will let you read 167 posts

Now, a few for Writers:

Writing Resources, Writing Advice, Creative Writing, Book Promotion

Those links will take you to 194 posts

Now, some for Publishers:

Self-Publishing, Traditional Publishing, Publishers, Indie Publishing

Those links have a total of 202 posts

So, I hope this post has been successful in helping you to navigate the blogging I’ve done in the last 5 years, 1 month, and 26 days  :-)
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FUN With Words ~ 9 Free Ways To Make Word-Clouds

Folks who read blogs regularly are usually familiar with Tag-Clouds.

If you scroll down a bit in the left side-panel you’ll see an example of a Tag-Cloud called “Top Tags”.

That particular Cloud is very handy for finding a group of posts that share certain key concepts.

In fact, if you put your cursor over the words there, you’ll see how many posts have that Tag.

Clicking the words takes you to a new page with all those particular posts ready to read :-)

It’s automatically re-created every time I add Tags to each post I publish—look at the very bottom of this post and you’ll see the Tags I gave it.

Most Word-Clouds have different colors or sizes for the words to show their importance.

But, this post is about how you can create Word-Clouds from any WebPage or Blog or Text you can copy and paste.

The nine free ways to create word-clouds are on the site Smashing Apps.

Here’s a Cloud I made by feeding in the WebAddress of this blog:

And, next is a Cloud I made from 826 words I copied and pasted from a Wikipedia article on Extroversion and Introversion.

I was able to limit the Cloud to words that appeared at least 2 times—the Cloud-generator was able to include 80 words:


Then, I took the 42,564 words of my novel, Notes from An Alien, but specified the words in the Cloud had to occur at least 19 times—to find what the peaks of the book’s landscape might look like:

If you look over all nine of the free apps at Smashing Apps you’ll find some very useful and very exotic ways to visualize words.

Here’s one more example from one of those nine apps—one of my poems—just for fun :-)

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