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Survey Results ~ New Directions

Our last post was a survey; and, while I encourage you, if you haven’t voiced your desires, to scroll down and add your opinions, it’s been up long enough to not see any new votes for the last 24 hours.

I currently have an average of 58 people coming to this blog each day, which isn’t so bad considering I started it on January first.

There are about 7 people who regularly comment and the survey had 39 votes. Since each person could check 3 options, there may have been 13 people contributing to the results (so far).

The topic with the most votes (20.5%) was Writing, closely followed by (c. 18%) Writers’ Issues.

One surprise for me was the number three slot (15.4%), How Notes from An Alien Can Help Earth. If you’re new to the blog, Notes from An Alien is my book, being published May 16th and available free from the link in the right side-bar :-)

The remaining votes fell out like this:

Self-Publishing c. 10.3%

Reading & Genre Explorations both c. 7.7%

Language, Author Interviews, and Social Issues all at just over 5%

And, Global Issues and Publishing both at c. 2.6%

I gratefully thank everyone who voted and, again, encourage those who haven’t to scroll down and take part.

I’ll be pondering these results and working toward satisfying my readers’ desires; at least those readers’ desires which got expressed.

It’s interesting to me that there were no topics with more than around 20% of the vote. The spread of interests intrigues me.

What are your thoughts?
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