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Can A Singer Teach Anything To Writers ?

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, born 2 October 1951—Wallsend, Northumberland, England.


Image (with manipulation) courtesy of Helge Øverås ~

Adept in rock, jazz, reggae, classical, new-age, and worldbeat.

Human rights activist.

Parents died from cancer in the 1980s. Did not, however, attend either funeral stating that the media circus would be disrespectful to them.

Practices Ashtanga Vinyasa,Tantra, and Jivamukti yoga.

An avid chess player.

Adheres to a macrobiotic diet.

Quote: “I’m essentially agnostic. I don’t have a problem with God. I have a problem with religion. I’ve chosen to live my life without the certainties of religious faith. I think they’re dangerous. Music is something that gives my life value and spiritual solace.”

Can this man teach writers anything?

Well, obviously, since he writes songs, he’s a writer, though, can he teach writers of stories?

Well, most of his songs are stories

So What can he teach other writers?

Just before a video that could certainly help any writer, I should mention I’ve written a number of other posts about music and writing.

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Do You Have To Give Something Up To Collaborate?

I blog about Reading, Writing, and Publishing; but; most of what’s said can be applied in many other areas of life.


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Today’s topic is easy to apply to nearly any activity.

Lots of people, in the work they do, feel they are the only ones who know how to “get it right”.

And, as a writer, I must admit to such feelings

But, the least I can do, if collaboration could help me, is to explore how it might make my work better.

I’ve shared ideas here before from a woman named Nilofer Merchant.

Today, I’ll share some quotes from an article by her called—(Surprise)COLLABORATIONS :-)

After she talks about an event she attended, with Sting and Paul Simon collaborating [and, if you take the link to her article you can watch a video of that happening…], she says:

“The experience reminds me that great work happens when ideas takes shape by contact with other ideas. Not by some assimilation but by the friction of difference. Not by one genius, overtaking another genius. But by exposure to those differences. By respecting difference, by honoring it, and finding ways for each to shine. Quite often it can mean you don’t know what will happen — you don’t know what ideas will be sparked, what challenge will cause you to rethink, what new inspiration might come.”

Then, a bit later, she says:

“One reason I hear people say they don’t like collaboration is because ‘sharing ideas’ is often thought of as ‘giving them away’. And while it’s true at some level, I’m more convinced than ever that when you can find someone with which you can create together, then you get more creativity, and  certainly, better results. Perhaps even to build a bigger lever to lift the world. Or, in the case of last night’s art, to lift the soul.”

So, in your work—yes, even you writers—is collaboration something you’ve not done but, perhaps, should consider?

And, speaking of potential collaborations, you could get a few free e-books during Read An E-Book Week then share them for World Read Aloud Day :-)
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