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Read Faster? With More Retention? Really?!?

So, I hang out every night, from about 9pm till 12 or 1 in the morning in the virtual world Kitely.

I talk to writers

Writers from many different places in our world

Sometimes we talk in nice buildings, sometimes on boating trips, sometimes just sitting on the grass, or the top of a mountain

And, I don’t pay anything but my basic Internet fee to do all this virtual socializing

So, the other night, at The Muse (a cool space we visit a lot), I was chatting with my Best Friend (from Australia) and my Good Buddy (from Maryland {in the USA}) and someone new dropped by.

This new guy happened to live just a few miles from me in real life (Ohio—USA) but his ancestry was from a country in Asia that I’d spent time in when I was serving in the Navy

Also, what he was talking about was nearly identical to a book I’d just read about how to get more done in less time

I know, I promised faster reading—so, why am I going on about my virtual social life?

Basically because, when I’m doing my thing in a virtual world, I expect to be talking to folks who are many miles physically-distant and not having an ancestry that stretches back to the one place on the earth I had to travel farthest to reach while also sounding nearly exactly like the man speaking in the book I’d just finished !

The psychologist, Carl Jung, would have called so many “coincidences” a case of “Synchronicity“.

And, when this kind of thing happens, I take the time and what’s talked about Very Seriously

One of the very serious things I followed up on was his recommendation of a particular web site and new “Reading Technology” called Spritz.

My new synchronistic-friend in Kitely had shared that he’d only read 4 books in his life due to a particular mental-syndrome he has—he just couldn’t pay attention long enough to finish more than a few dozen pages

After he’d played with Spritz for awhile, he found himself reading so quickly and retaining so much that, in a relatively short time, he’d finished about 70 books

Spritz lets you adjust your reading speed from 40 WordsPerMinute to 1,000 WPM!

So, because of my publishing experiment on Wattpad (which involves one heck of a lot of reading), I’m going to be experimenting with Spritz

From the Spritz page about the science behind their Reading-Technology (and, I encourage anyone interested to definitely read that whole page...):

“Removing the eye movements associated with traditional reading methods not only reduces the number of times your eyes move when reading, but also decreases the number of times your eyes must pass over a word for your brain to understand it. This makes spritzing extremely efficient, precise, convenient and comfortable.”

And, on the page where you find all the places you can use Spritz, you learn that it can be used on the Web, with 6 different Apps on iOS, 3 different Apps on Android, the Windows Phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Samsung Gear2, and 3 websites that have integrated Spritz Technology

Plus, I want to share two very important points from their FAQ page:

  • Does it require special training?

Unlike other reading techniques, you don’t have to receive special training to read with Spritz. And… the more you practice, the faster you will go, the smoother the reading will seem and the higher your retention will be. What you need to learn: relax! Don’t try to scan the words from left to right. Simply look at the red character and trust that your brain retains the whole word. When you relax, you will concentrate more on the content – see next question.

  • Will I even remember anything I read?

Of course… Our testing shows that the retention levels when spritzing are at least as good as with traditional reading and that, with just a little bit of experience, you will retain even more than you did before. How long can I spritz in one session? Internally, we’ve tested to about 2 hours straight with no breaks. Then our tester had to pee. If you have a large bladder and would like to take a shot at the record, by all means, go for it and let us know the results.

I’ll be experimenting with Spritz on Wattpad and I’ll share my results—(soon ?)but, if you try it, do, please give us a report in the Comments :-)

Oh! Here’s a nifty short video about Spritz:

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Is Speed Reading Dangerous?

We’re told to chew our food well so we’ll absorb it properly.

Speed Reading

Image courtesy of Emiliano Hernandez ~

We walk at a leisurely pace to enjoy nature.

If we Speed Read, will we miss something?

I think there are a few situations where speed reading might be called for, like a job that demands the regular consumption of multitudes of reports or notes or specifications.

But what about being at home snuggled up with your favorite novelist—rushing through the book?

And, if you learn to speed read, can you slow down at will?

I vaguely remember briefly contemplating learning to speed read when I was in my teens—Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics—never got around to it

I scan a customized Google News page every day for possible articles to use on this blog—been noticing the repetitious hype about two new reading apps

One of them—Velocity—is available for iPhone and iPad. the other—Spritz—is seeking developers to enable the app for Android, Javascript, and iOS.

The ad copy for Velocity says: “Speed read articles from the web at superhuman speeds.”

An article in Digital Trends says: “One of our favorite parts of Velocity is the fact that it can link with popular reading sources like Instapaper and Pocket. You can also type in an URL (or install a ‘Read in Velocity’ bookmark to send a link to the app) or copy and paste text to have it presented in this rapid visual way as well.”

The Spritz site says: “Reading is inherently time consuming because your eyes have to move from word to word and line to line.”

Well, making love can be time consuming, too

I found an article in ChicagoNow by Kelly Konrad (aka LitzyDitz) called Say No to Spritz and Yes to Slow Reading.

I’ll share a few excerpts:

She quotes the CEO of Spritz saying, “You go out on the road and you have to watch out for road conditions, weather conditions. It’s up and downhill and much harder to do. When reading on the printed page, I feel distracted by all the others things around it. I have to swipe and swipe and swipe. It’s not as easy as settling in and having words stream to brain.”

Then Kelly says:

“The hell? Most runners live to run outdoors and would sooner give up the sport than choose a treadmill over an outdoor route. Outdoors is fresh air. Outdoors is nature’s beauty. Part of the enjoyment of running is connecting with nature, not a machine. And it can be harder, which makes it that much more rewarding.

“I’m not a robot. I want to actively participate in reading. I want to turn the page, swipe the Kindle, whatever and have the opportunity to stop and THINK about what I am reading. I don’t want words to just pour into my brain without any chance to pause for comprehension, or even just emotion.”

Call me old-fashioned. Call me behind the times. Call me someone who agrees with LitzyDitz—I read for enjoyment, comprehension, and all those things that go on in my mind and heart while I Walk through a book—sure, maybe hurry through some explosive action but then slow back down to catch up with the characters

Your thoughts and feelings are very welcome in the Comments :-)
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