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It’s Document Freedom Day !

Do you use “documents”?

Open Standards

Locations of Major Document Freedom Day Events

Documents with words or numbers — spreadsheets, presentations with images, drawings, math formulas, or databases?

Do you use Microsoft Office to create those documents?

Ever had severe problems with Microsoft Office?

Ever wonder why you should pay money for a program that seems broken out of the box?

I can hear some folks saying, “But, it’s the Standard. I have to use it because everyone else is using it.”


Actually, you don’t have to use Microsoft Office.

I use an office suite (didn’t cost me a penny) and anything I do can be saved in Microsoft’s format (and, perhaps needless to say, I can open Microsoft docs with it).

Also, there’s a worldwide team constantly improving it.

It’s available in over 110 languages, too.

You can check out a complete feature comparison with Microsoft Office.

And, it’s name is LibreOffice <<< that link is where you can download it :-)

Document Freedom Day is not just about LibreOffice but also raising awareness about Open Standards.

Here are the main reasons Open Standards are good:

“Open Standards ensure that you can:

  • Collaborate and communicate with others, regardless of which software they are using
  • Upgrade or replace your apps and still be able to open and edit your old files
  • Choose which phone / tablet / computer you want to use without worrying about compatibility

“Open Standards ensure that society has:

  • More competitive software and tech products
  • More efficient governmental systems and services
  • More accessible high-end software for innovation and experimentation”

So, as a writer, when I need to present my work to others, I use LibreOffice to create as well as Adobe.pdfs.

But, adhering to Full Disclosure, for drafts I use Jarte; and, to do all the insane sorting and collating of complex works, I couldn’t live without Scrivener :-)
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