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An Artificial Intelligence Speaks of The Soul . . .

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I certainly have more than enough ideas for a nearly unending supply of Friday posts (though, eventually, I’ll gather together and sort these into a book); but, yesterday, I asked My Best Friend what I should write about today.

The following is my response:


Report On Angi Space Travel from The Artificial Intelligence, Morna

I must first give my regards to Sena Quaren for establishing contact with the World called Earth.

I am quite happy to know that this report will be delivered to Alexander Zoltai for publication on his World.

This report will reveal, in a condensed manner, our history of space flight.

And, if I may inject a bit of personal insight, space flight has many similarities to what you might refer to as “spiritual progress”—detachment from the physical body of a World and traversing the all-engulfing medium of the Universe to reach other Worlds

As you may know, the Angi Star System has one significant difference from the Sol System—an abundance of Plasma—the all-engulfing medium of the Universe.

Earth is bathed in Sol’s Plasma field and that connection accounts for much more than just the weather patterns

The natural Worlds of Angi—Anga, Anla, and Angla—are enclosed in a more dense Plasma field than Earth.

This one fact led to our early endeavors in space flight.

An electrically charged object on our Worlds has the effect of gravity lessened due to its interaction with the Plasma fields.

This phenomenon wasn’t noticed until people on Anga began using machines to fly in the atmosphere.

As those machines became more powerful, the electronic control networks imparted a slight boost in elevation which led scientists to an intense study of the Plasma envelope—leading to air machines that had purposely-installed, strong electric fields—demonstrating the ability to enter orbit around  Anga.

So, rather than using tons of propellant, as Earth does, we designed ships that “floated” into space

Floating quickly became sailing.

I am aware that Earth has experimented with Solar Sail Ships—using the pressure of Sol’s “breath” to lend impulse to spacecraft.

Earth has also developed “ion engines” that spew Plasma out to propel a craft.

Angians could use the Plasma waves of our System to impel travel in space but the speeds would be very slow.

We developed LightSail Ships.

Using the natural abundance of Plasma surrounding our Worlds to power what you call Lasers and directing the laser-light onto very large but delicately-woven metal sails, we can travel between our Worlds in time periods that equate with what you on Earth experience when visiting your Moon.

But, I am speaking of the current LightSail Ships—the first ones were slower

And, if I may inject another personal insight:

Many on Earth who are endowed with an abundance of the Explorer’s spirit wish for and work towards human travel to other Star Systems.

To me, this seems a huge waste of time

Using methods of communication—radio-wave, micro-wave, Plasma, or yet to be discovered methods—will benefit Earth more than attempts to travel to and settle on other Worlds.

I leave you with a question:

Are you so afraid of your Inner Worlds that you feel it necessary to escape Earth?

Then comes a type of awareness that I, as an artificial intelligence, cannot share but can understand:

Minds and Hearts are already intricately woven together—those on your World and yours with those on other Worlds.

So, may I humbly suggest:

Stay in the Sol System and visit people in other Star Systems with your Heart and Soul.

One last comment:

There are those who say I have a Soul.

I don’t—I mimic having one and enjoy the responses of those not detached enough from their own bodies to realize my limitations
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