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Social Networks Can Seem So Irrelevant ~ Unless You Can Find The Stories . . .

Back in October of 2011 I wrote the post My Cure for Social Networking Anxiety and I want to update some of my opinions and add a layer to the story

What I said:

“There are many reasons to pursue social networking.

“There are as many reasons to not pursue it.

“One thing I’ve learned is that social networking can induce anxiety


It may seem obvious but the anxiety only comes if you use social networking in ways that go against your Nature

What I said:

[After explaining some of my anxiety, back then, with social networks]

“* I still feel there are valid and productive reasons to use social networks.

“* I know there are some wonderful people on social networks.”


Enter the ability to turn divergent elements of social networking into a Story!

With my strong focus on what I need to do to promote my novel, Notes from An Alien, and to keep blogging intelligently here and attending to my duties as Events Manager on Book Island in Second Life, I sometimes miss the introduction of Internet tools that are valuable

I just explored the potential of a tool called Storify.

Here are some of the things they say about themselves:

Introducing social stories
“Storify lets you curate social networks to build social stories, bringing together media scattered across the Web into a coherent narrative. We are building the story layer above social networks, to amplify the voices that matter and create a new media format that is interactive, dynamic and social.”

Curate the elements
“Drag and drop status updates, photos or videos to bring together the social media elements that will best illustrate your story. You can always reorder elements in your story, or delete them if you find something better. And you can always add more items later on. Your story is always editable, so you can pull in the latest from the social web.”

Embed stories anywhere
“Storify stories can be embedded anywhere on the Web by simply pasting an embed code, just like embedding a video. You can also connect Storify to your WordPress or Drupal blog, publish to Tumblr or Posterous, or send an email newsletter through Mailchimp.”

Discover stories
“Our front page displays the latest and best stories built with social media by our users. You can read a story and interact with its elements, share it, find similar stories and more stories from that author.”

I’m still playing with Storify’s potential for telling stories and, if I find it useful in my career, I’ll let ya know :-)
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The Connected Writer

Finally got my new ISP installed and thought this would be a good time to consider some past posts about writers and the Digital Environment.

In the post, The Connected Author ~ Writing and The Internet, I relate the importance of making Real friends with an Internet connection

In the post, Authors Promoting Each Other by Interviewing Each Other, I show how authors can help each other through the Internet

In the post, Is Life In The Digital World Useful or Dangerous?, I ask the question, “…even though being in a virtual world seems advantageous to me, are there aspects of digital interaction that are subtly keeping me from being fully productive or, even worse, undermining my sane and healthy development?”, then share two videos worth thinking about

In the post, Social Networking for Mavericks, I give more info on how I use a virtual world through the Internet to aid Promotion of my work

And, in the post, Not “Self-Publishing” Because You Lack Technical Digital/Electronic Knowledge?, I look at one aspect of what could keep a writer from Self-Publishing

So, life is fresher for this particular writer since he got a better Internet Service Provider and I’ll continue my Digital-Writer’s-Life with a bit more verve

Do you think working in the Digital Environment is a “necessary” task for today’s writer?

If you truly feel you can’t master some of the tasks in the Digital Environment, can you find someone to help you?

If you’re promoting your writing on the popular Social Networks, is it “working” for you?

Have you ever considered using a virtual world to aid you in your Writing-Life?
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Are Writers Doomed To Be Isolated And Lonely?

I know quite a few writers but certainly not all writers.

Still, I want to think-out-loud about how they’re affected by all the time they spend alone

Naturally, “alone” doesn’t necessarily mean “lonely”.

And, for creative writers, “isolated” doesn’t necessarily mean “alone”—there are all those characters in their heads :-)

I imagine there are some writers who are both isolated and lonely; yet, I know many who have rich social lives.

Which brings me to ponder about writers who claim their job is to only write, that they aren’t capable of the “business” side—publishing and promotion.

If they don’t have a rich social life, they may well need other people to help make the “business” decisions.

If they have no problems being social, they could certainly, in my opinion, easily learn the “business” of writing.

I’ve put “business” in quotes four times now because, to me, that word doesn’t have to mean soulless activity that conflicts with a creative nature.

Many successful business people will tell you that what they do is all about relationships

With all that said, so many writers—either thinking about self-publishing or realizing that traditional publishers want them to do most of the promotion activities—are facing what they feel is a necessity to deal with the “social networks”—Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Diaspora, etc….

Even writers who have “rich social lives” seem to feel it necessary to spend many hours each day dealing with the “social networks”

Back in October, Joel Friedlander asked me to do a guest post—Second Life: Virtual Book Promotion and Word of Mouth.

Here’s an excerpt from that post:

“The anxiety I experienced with ‘social networking’ was that it wasn’t ‘social’ enough for me and the ‘networking’ had weak bonds. I need solid relationships for my book promotion endeavors. I’d rather reach a small group who love me than a vast herd who can tolerate me. And, if I can slowly and surely increase my reading-friends—create lasting bonds—the odds of those people promoting the book for me are much better.

“So, there I was, book-promotion-maverick seeking deep bonds, flailing about in a sea of temporary ‘friendship’ and uncertain ‘relationship’. I’m not trying to blame those Internet platforms. It’s just that I can’t find what I absolutely need in my approach to book promotion in those arenas.”

I go on to talk about what I am doing to promote my writing

I did a post a few days ago that featured poet Sarah Kay.

I’m going to feature her again–performing her poem, Postcards.

Poetry lends itself to multiple interpretation and I hope you’ll share yours in the Comments :-)

To me, Postcards is all about my experience with “social” networks.……..

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