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Writing Challenge ~~~ 6-Word Stories :-)

Writing Challenge

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Writing challenges have been around since ancient hunting parties sat around the home fires trading verbal tales of their latest overland pursuit.

I recently gave myself a personal writing challenge to keep my pen sharp and my mind flowing.

Back in 2011, I had a challenge to use the 1200 most common words in a story.

That particular post still gets more traffic than any of my other 800+ posts

Today I’m starting a writing challenge sparked by three posts on the site io9.

Their challenge was to write six-word sci-fi stories which readers did in their comments—Here, then Here, and Here

The challenge I’m launching today is writing six-word stories; but, the genre certainly doesn’t have to be sci-fi—any ol’ genre at all, even genres you make up just for the challenge :-)

To get the pens stirring and the keys clicking, I’ll share just a few of the six-worders from io9:

“The engines held, until they didn’t.”

“The Earth Moved, Just As Planned.”

“Post Verbicide, only six words remained.”

“James Clarke: Born 1985, died 1885.”

“Looking up, she saw herself falling.”

Of course, there’s the extremely famous six-word story attributed to Ernest Hemingway:

“For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.”


Do you have a six-word story in you? Two six-worders? More?

Just be sure, along with your story, you tell us the genre, ok? Even if you have to make it Literary Fiction :-)

Let The Challenge Beginin the Comments :-)
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