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Friday Poll ~ Should All Writers Blog?

Before we get to this week’s poll, here are the results from last week—Protecting Creative Ideas:

Should Writers Blog?

Image Courtesy of Mikhail Popov ~

37.5% voted for “Proper Copyright”.

And, the “Other” category had the same percentage, with these specific answers:

“Don’t talk about the ideas you want to copyright if you want to protect them.”

“A mixture, protect your novels, but some writings are just for fun.”

“I write in social media sites and through text message.”

“Don’t worry about Piracy” got 25%.

And, “File for Trademark” had no votes.


Now, for this week’s poll…

Many “gurus” and “experts” on the ‘Net claim a writer Must blog, if for no other reason than to have a “Platform“.

Also, with all the screaming about writers using social media, many folks forget that blogging is a form of social media…

So, the poll will be very simple; though, there is the “Other” space that can be used to complexify it :-)

Now that you’ve voted, check out this article—Thou Shalt Blog?

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