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25+ Book Recommendation Sites

Last year I wrote a post listing the “top 10” book recommendation platforms.

Of course, any listing of the “top” sites has a bit of bias built in—your “top” may not be my “top”…

And, plenty of people would say GoodReads is the Top since it’s touted as the largest and most-used reading-recommender.

However, last month, I found an article in the Self-Publishing Review that lists 10 alternatives to GoodReads.

So, since I know many folks are hard-pressed for time and may not take every link in a blog post (“Just give me the ‘important’ ones!”), I’ll list those 10 sites right here—with the caveat that there is a bit of overlap from the post I first linked to; and, with the hopeful encouragement to take my last link so you can read SPR’s Tips for Using these Sites…











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