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Do You Read Out Loud?

“Read me a story!”

The cry of children—all over the world—yet, over 250 million kids can’t read or write

Last March, I woke up to a challenge and featured a post about LitWorld‘s World Read Aloud Day and how You can help:

“For these children, for all of us, the stories inside books are more than a gentle escape.
They are a life raft.”

Are you able to do any of the following?

I will celebrate independently (spreading the word, hosting an event, as a guest reader, with my friends or family, etc.)

I will celebrate with my school (as a teacher, student, administrator, author, librarian, etc.)

I represent an organization that is interested in partnering with LitWorld for World Read Aloud Day 2013

Watch The Video Below :-)

“Every year on the first Wednesday of March LitWorld’s advocacy campaign for the human right of literacy calls worldwide attention to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories.”

It’s fun, it’s simple and it changes the world: Read aloud with us.
Spread the word about World Read Aloud Day to family and friends and on your social networking sites.
Read aloud with loved ones or new friends and tally your minutes. Find a sponsor to pledge a donation for the number of minutes you read.
Download LitWorld’s free activity and event kit and host an event in your community, classroom, home or workplace. Connect with friends near and far to grow the movement worldwide.  facebook  twitter  youtube

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