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Selling Books from The Trunk of Your Car . . .

I’ve heard tales of authors buying a gang-load of their book, loading them in the trunk, driving thousands of miles, stopping at hundreds of bookstores, and selling their creation by hand

Well, Suw Charman-Anderson, over at Forbes, has an article called, Self-Publishing And Direct Sales: Pros, Cons And Problems.

Though, Suw isn’t talking about hand-selling from the trunk of a car—she mentions a digital direct sales provider called, DPD: Digital Product Delivery.

They have a 30-day free trial and flat-rate pricing, beginning at $10/month for 1 Gb storage of up to 20 titles.

Suw began using DPD because she “was fed up with the hideously basic tools that Amazon provide and wanted to experiment more than Amazon would let me.”

The tools she needed are ways to track sales and hook distribution to an email subscription service, among other niceties

For another take on direct selling of books, check out the article From Me to You: Selling Books on a Direct Basis.

Both articles bring up the scale-factor—spaces like Amazon have a huge appeal since the site has built-in marketing advantages

I’ve chosen a middle path: My publisher, FastPencil, distributes my books to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and Ingram. Plus, I use a sales widget on this blog.

Not as direct as using a service like DPD but satisfactory—for me.

As far as the tracking of purchases, connection to email clients, and other statistical concerns, I’m content to leave that to others more concerned with maximizing their reach or pull or bottom-line

I have this transcendental attitude that Forces greater than the Market will, if my book deserves it, create the Paths to the Readers’ eyes and minds and hearts

Still, if you want to consider a robust direct sales and marketing strategy, you could start by reading this article
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