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Should Religion Be Prominent In A Novel? ~~~ Oh, My God !

It’s rare to find discussions of religion that embrace a scientific attitude.

In today’s Behind The Scenes post about Notes from An Alien, I’m going to discuss why I chose Religion as one of the prominent Symbolisms.

There will be a few Spoilers so you may want to grab a free copy and read it first—it’s relatively short :-)

I’m sure many people will disagree with me but, if a survey of history is conducted, it will be found that the predominant advancer of Civilization has been Religion.

If some of you think science has been more important, consider one particular case—Islam advanced science.

Also, honest scientists are willing to admit how much Faith has to do with their formation of hypotheses.

So, in Notes from An Alien, I decided I needed one planet that was all for science—Anga, the Corporate World; and, one completely religious, Anla.

The Anlans had a Faith called Nari. Two splinter Faiths broke from the Nari: The Lord’s Army and the Faith of Eternity—both were very bad examples of religion

The Disciples of Faith was a third religion on Anla—a “reformed” movement of the Nari—a fairly decent religion.

Anga, the Corporate World, had one Faith, The Haria.

The Prophet of the Nari on Anla is murdered by the Priests of The Lord’s Army early in the story; but, not before He utters a prophetic statement: He will be followed by another Prophet from the Haria on Anga—a Prophet that will unite the Worlds.

It should be mentioned that there are a number of major characters in the story who don’t hold to any Faith yet marry those who do—rather remarkable people because they respect their religious mates

I want to include now a particular quote from a religious leader from Earth which gets to the core of why I chose to have religion be a potent Symbol in my novel:

“Religion should unite all hearts and cause wars and disputes to vanish from the face of the earth, give birth to spirituality, and bring life and light to each heart. If religion becomes a cause of dislike, hatred and division, it were better to be without it, and to withdraw from such a religion would be a truly religious act. For it is clear that the purpose of a remedy is to cure; but if the remedy should only aggravate the complaint it had better be left alone. Any religion which is not a cause of love and unity is no religion.”

~~~ `Abdu’l-Bahá, Paris Talks, p. 130

So, I’d love your comments about whether religion is the predominant way civilization advances.

I’d also like your comments on the necessary unity of science and religion to facilitate civilizing influences on Earth.

Plus, any comments or questions about the novel—whether I’ve discussed them already or whether I haven’t yet :-)
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