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Global Cities of Literature Network

Many people think the United Nations does nothing for World Peace.

Still, the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization—UNESCO—instituted the Creative Cities Network with awards in the categories of Literature, Film, Music, Crafts and Folk Art, Design, Media Arts, and Gastronomy.

From their site:

“A network of creative cities, working together towards a common mission for cultural diversity and sustainable urban development.

“Member cities are recognised as:

  • ‘Creative hubs’ that promote socio-economic and cultural development in both the developed and the developing world through creative industries
  • ‘Socio-cultural clusters’ connecting socio-culturally diverse communities to create a healthy urban environment.

“The Network aims at developing international cooperation among cities and encouraging them to drive joint development partnerships in line with UNESCO’s global priorities of ‘culture and development’ and ‘sustainable development’.”

The first City of Literature was Edinburgh, Scotland in 2004.

In 2008, Melbourne, Australia and Iowa City, USA became Cities of Literature.

Dublin, Ireland received the award in 2010 and Reykjavik, Iceland in 2011.

And, just this month, Norwich, England was added to the Network.

And, to underscore how these cities are working to further Global Peace through Literature, here is their description (with my underlined emphases):

“UNESCO Cities of Literature work together to build strong global partnerships: encouraging literary exchanges, creating cross-cultural initiatives and developing local, national and international literary links. Each City will also be dedicated to pursuing excellence in literature on a local level, engaging citizens in a dynamic culture of words.”
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