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Writing Software or Writing Apps ~~ Or, Both?

I’ve done a number of posts on writing software. Here are just a few:

No money: Free Software for Writers . . .

Some money: The Best Writing Software *Ever* ?

Do you really need it?: Writers’ Software ~ Is It Necessary?

My Best Friend sent me a heads-up on a new WebApp to help writers—DRAFT.

I took a look at it and found these features:

Version Control


Compare Old Work

Cloud Sync



Transcription Tools

MarkDown Todos



Image Hosting

Character Count

Keyboard Shortcuts

Rest API

I even looked at the Terms of Service and Privacy page—seems they have it all covered

They even give you a chance to try out some of the features.


If you don’t have a friend or colleague available to help edit your document, Draft has a college educated group of writers on staff to look at your work for as little as $5. Just look for the ‘Ask a Pro’ buttons in your documents.

Plus, here’s an interview with the creator :-)

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