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Author Earnings and What’s Really Going on in the Book World

This blog says its purpose is doing “Explorations In Reading, Writing, and Publishing”.

Today’s post will be really heavy into the Publishing side.


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So, back to the topic in the title of this post and looking into the Book World’s goings-on by giving credit to Hugh Howey and his initiative, Author Earnings.

I got an email from Author Earnings this morning and they gave me a nice list of links to quite a few of their past reports on the Book World.

I’ll share those with you

Top 7,000 E-books in Three Bestselling Genres

Barnes & Noble Report

85,000 of the Bestselling Books Across All Genres

How Newer Authors were Faring Compared to Their Longer-tenured Peers

The Effect of DRM and Genre Across 120,000 Titles

The Size of the ISBN-less “Shadow Industry” that Remains Completely Uncounted in Official Publishing Industry Statistics

The Effect the Return to Agency Pricing has had upon the Market Share and Sales of the Big Five

And, their latest report:

How the American Association of Publishers’ 1200 participating publishers’ market share has trended, and whether their declining 2015 ebook sales are representative of the direction of the broader US ebook market

If any of you actually go to all those links and check them out, Please let me know in the Comments ’cause you are a Rare Person :-)
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