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Getting Back into the Stream . . .

I find it crazily refreshing that I began my blogging today with the re-blog just before this post… Getting Back into the Stream

I’ve been spending the past month regaining my blogging bearings, as well as deeper levels of stability.

Back on January 7th, I wrote:

“Something has happened that has shattered my emotional life…

“I cannot write…

“I don’t know how long this time away will last—perhaps forever…”

Time, as it inexorably will, moved on and by January 21st I was able to do a “real” post that shared some of what I was doing to heal from my fractured psychological state. In that post, where I talk about the reading I was doing to help me heal, I wrote:

“I’m sitting here writing a blog post where, before the books, I could barely get a re-blog out.”

So, it only took a month of mostly re-blogs to have me start today with a re-blog rather than this post, which is my wobbly re-entry into my recommitment to this blog…

I’ll still do re-blogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with my own original posts on Mondays and Wednesdays, and a Tale in the Story Bazaar on Fridays.

However, there are only 18 more Tales to write before I do “Something” else on Fridays—perhaps you have an idea or two about what I can do here on Fridays…?

I haven’t decided what Saturdays and Sundays will be yet; and, for now, I’m happy to wait and do what the Spirit moves me to do…

Big However:

I want to enlist my readers, you and you and you, in a long-term project…

I’m hoping my regular readers at first, then, perhaps, folks who happen in, will begin commenting on the Monday and Wednesday posts, in a way that creates “bridging ideas” that I can carry into my next original post—either your thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, experiences, lack of experiences—you name it—perhaps, call it “creative writing prompt invention”—something to help me “thread together” a series of posts…

Sometimes, I may have only one comment that inspires what I write in my next post—sometimes, hopefully, there’ll be a whole bouquet of comments…

Maybe Fridays (after the final 18 Tales in the Story Bazaar) can extend this threaded post concept—maybe Saturdays and Sundays can join in the process………

Small However:

I do want to keep at least Tuesdays and Thursdays for re-blogs—there are just too many good ones out there to not share them with you.


I had a whole different idea about what this Getting Back into the Stream post would be; but, when I write fiction, I depend heavily on spur of the moment inspiration; so, serendipitously, this is the post I’m writing…


I know I have a few regular readers.

I’m not quite sure how to encourage you to join me in this “threaded posts” endeavor…

Maybe it can start by your responding to the very idea of threaded posts—exploring the “nature” of blogging at bit…

Perhaps your responses will lead to a challenge for me—something I never considered blogging about; though, I really do have to keep things within the parameters of Writing, Reading and Publishing…

Yeah, I’m going out on that Limb of Faith—jumping out that Window of Trust…

Wanna join me………?
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Bumps on the Relocation Road . . .

Relocation Adventure

Image Courtesy of Kirill Levin ~

I indicated yesterday that my normal schedule here (Mon-Wed-Fri, regular blogs posts by me—Tue-Thur-Sat-Sun, re-blogs from other bookish bloggers) would be different for awhile because of my moving a short physical distance but an imponderable space reckoned in psycho-spiritual “distance

So, as it stands today, I’m doing a “normal” blog right now but will probably only have re-blogs on through Aug. 2nd…

I do try to find the most valuable, or informative, or entertaining re-blogs I possible can; and, I hope the short “disturbance” in my work flow is Way less problematic for you than it is for me :-)

I do want to mention, again, the new Feature here—Friday Story Bazaar—with all of the new stories gathered at that last link and my “normal” Friday post being another new short tale

Do take that last link if this is the first you’ve heard of the Friday Story Bazaar, because the first new story was posted there last Friday :-)

O.K.—short post today—some good re-blogs for about a week—then, back to “normal”—hopefully

If you’re the praying-type, send one up for me about all the “complications” of my Relocation Adventure; and, if you’re a positive-energy-sender and can spare a little, it would help :-)
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