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Editors Are People, Too ~ Really :-)

I’ve talked about editors before in the posts, Should Writers Fear Editors? and Does Every Writer Need An Editor?.

I had one for my novel that came out last May and I’ll have two for it’s sequel

If you look at the etymology of editor, you’ll find one of those slippery spots on the path of language:

“1640s, ‘publisher’, from L. editor ‘one who puts forth’…”

Without delving into the depths of publishing history, I assume that many years ago “publisher” and “editor” were pretty much one person.

Can “writer” and “editor” be one person, too?

I don’t mean that rare individual who can successfully write then edit their own work.

I suppose there could be people who are writer/editor/cover designer/publicist/marketer but I mean a writer who also edits for other writers.

Publetariat recently featured a post from Cheri Lasota called Working with an Editor: Got My Edits Back. Now What?.

Cheri is a writer who edits other writers’ work and gives her own work to another editor.

To encourage you to read the post, here are her topic headings:

Give your­self some peace and quiet.
Don’t scan or skip.
Sit on the manuscript.
Mull over your options.
Make a copy.
Turn your Track Changes ON!
Choose your direction.
Don’t just make changes. Learn!
Incorporate only what you feel will serve your story.
Overhauling? Then get out of your MS.
Take another vacation.

Do read Cheri’s full post :-)

Have any of your own tips about how to incorporate an editor’s guidance into your writing?

How about warnings for writers who feel the editor always knows best?

Or, your experiences with not following an editor’s cues and regretting it?
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Choosing To Self-Publish ~ Lots of Help . . .

Some folks still think self-publishing is somehow not “real” publishing.

Yet, many who’ve been published traditionally are embracing the benefits of self-publishing.

And, there are those who find advantages in both paths and maintain a base in both camps.

If you’ve considered exploring self-publishing you’d be hard put to find a single site that has as much info and guidance as Publetariat, founded by April L. Hamilton.

They claim they’re, “…an online community and news hub built specifically for indie authors and small, independent imprints.”

They even say they’re not really geared toward those just starting out, but………

They have Forums and one of the first categories is “Absolute Beginners ~ There’s no such thing as a dumb question here” :-)

They have News from sources like: Guardian UK-Books, NPR, Slate-Books, New York Times-Books, Publishers Weekly, Bookslut, Galleycat, and Salon-Books.

And, looking at the second link in the Menu right below their banner is Think—lots of opinion pieces.

Then comes Choose: “Reviews of books, products and services relevant to indie authorship and publishing”.

Next is Write, another section with Lots of articles, on the Craft.

Design: “…layout, typography, cover design, website design, ad design, design tools.”

Then, another category with Loads of articles—Publish.

Yet more Oodles of articles with Sell—marketing, promotion, and contests.

How about, “Planning, forming and running your own Imprint“?

They also have a section with their own Tax Expert, Julian Block, called Business End.

Finally is Book Trends, a cross-posting of articles.

I’ve self-published four books but only promoted one.

I’ve known about Publetariat for quite awhile but will still be exploring it far into the future

Do you have any sites about self-publishing to recommend?
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